February 13, 2009

O' Fun For... discovering your true self

This is not making stuff related, but I thought this off-subject post was justified after the week-long streak of posts. A friend of mine posted a note on facebook where you type "(your name) needs" (quotation marks and all) into Google and share the first ten hits you get back. As I sat there at my computer putting off any kind of productivity, I thought I'd give it a try and share my findings.

"Dana needs" by Google

1. Dana needs... some breathing room
2. Dana needs... to negotiate a network television deal
3. Dana needs... help. (no surprises there)
4. Dana needs... a self-embedding U-Box. (?)
5. Dana needs... to be the center of attention (hey!)
6. Dana needs... some advice about her old girlfriend
7. Dana needs... a lot of comforting
8. Dana needs... a dose of transparancy, accountabitiy
9. Dana needs... emergency prayers
10. Dana needs... to slay the beast

Thanks for the idea, Tiffany! That was way more fun than folding laundry. What does Google think you need?


brighton said...

Hee hee -- awesome. :)

theferrisoneofall said...

After reading Tiffany's list, I too decided to seek Google's advice. However, after the alarming results, I quickly navigated away from the page and forgot to write them down! :)

peanut gallery said...

he he he... sounds like you need to adjust your content settings on Google...

Shauna said...

I'm here!