October 7, 2008

o' fun for....The Terrorist, and no-one else.

I thought I'd drop in and let anyone who cares know why these posts have been slowing down. The Terrorist is responsible. See, The Terrorist lives inside me and threatens to make my life miserable if I don't hurry to fulfill it's crazy demands. It especially hates it when I shower, eat delicious food, or poop. I think I am slowly regaining power over my own body from The Terrorist, but just a little bit, not entirely. Psch! Darn fetus!

I guess, though, this is still a post about stuff I have made or am in the process of making. Although I promised a tutorial, I am not sure that anyone would appreciate a picture-heavy tutorial on how to make a Terrorist of your very own. If you really want to know, I am sure you can drop by your local Jr. High and find the nurse or health teacher, who may have a pamphlet about your changing body.

Give me a week or two, and I'll be back to posting regularly. I plan on doing a tutorial, complete with amazing pictures, on the freezer-paper stencil t-shirt. Fun times!